How will computers evolve over the next 10 years
發布時間:2017-06-09 15:08:20

報告題目:How will computers evolve over the next 10 years

時 間:2014年4月23日(周三)上午10:00

地 點:計算所四層報告廳

報告人:Prof. Frank Zhigang Wang, Kent University

摘要:Computer science has impact on many parts of our lives. Computer scientists craft the technologies that enable the digital devices we use every day and computing will be at the heart of future revolutions in business, science, and society. Our research targets the next generation computing paradigms and their applications. We have been working on Cloud Computing, Grid Computing & Internet II for many years. A developed Cloud/Grid Computing platform conforms to the Internet standard and can universally accelerate Office/Database/Web/Media applications by a factor up to ten. This work won an ACM/IEEE Super Computing finalist award. We will also report our research on Green Computing, Brain Computing and Future Computing.

報告人簡介:Frank Z. Wang is the Professor in Future Computing and Head of School of Computing, University of Kent, UK. The School of Computing was formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen. Professor Wang's research interests include cloud/grid computing, green computing, brain computing and future computing. He has been invited to deliver keynote speeches and invited talks to report his research worldwide, for example at Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, CERN, Hong Kong University of Sci. & Tech., Tsinghua University (Taiwan), Jawaharlal Nehru University, Aristotle University, and University of Johannesburg. In 2004, he was appointed as Chair & Professor, Director of Centre for Grid Computing at CCHPCF (Cambridge-Cranfield High Performance Computing Facility). CCHPCF is a collaborative research facility in the Universities of Cambridge and Cranfield (with an investment size of £40 million). Prof Wang and his team have won an ACM/IEEE Super Computing finalist award. Prof Wang was elected as the Chairman (UK & Republic of Ireland Chapter) of the IEEE Computer Society in 2005. He is Fellow of British Computer Society. He has served the Irish Government High End Computing Panel for Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and the UK Government EPSRC e-Science Panel.